Sedgwick County is asking for the business community’s help in combating the Covid-19 outbreak.

The county is in need of equipment and supplies and are asking businesses for their assistance.  The county is in need of the following items:

· Protective face masks

o N95 masks

o Surgical masks

· Non-latex, medical gloves

· Hand sanitizer

· Surface cleaners

· Non-permeable/fluid resistant gowns

· Nasopharyngeal specimen collection – swab and viral transport medium

The county says they have been working with local, federal and state partners but still do not have the supplies they need.

“We are not getting the supplies we need to protect our health care system and first responders,” said Commission Chairman Pete Meitzner. “We know that our business community is innovative and determined. Hopefully they can assist us and support our community during this pandemic.”

Businesses willing and able to help should contact Sedgwick County Emergency Management at (316) 660-5959.