Governor Laura Kelly has signed a new comprehensive transportation bill.

The new Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Plan will change how the state previously approached transportation projects in Kansas.  The governor says the bipartisan bill was developed in consultation with local communities and 2,000 stakeholders.

The new plan  will first tackle the completion of all T-Works projects left incomplete under the previous administration.  Under Governor Brownback, money was frequently diverted from transportation projects to plug holes in the state budget, created in part by the governor’s tax cuts it also places priority on repairs and road preservation.

The other major difference to the plan is that instead of a 10-year set list of projects, new modernization and expansion projects will be selected for development every two years.  The new plan will also incorporate all of Kansas, with every county receiving at least $8 million in transportation improvements.

The transportation plan also includes investment in broadband and technology to improve safety and services throughout the state.  The Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Plan is expected to create jobs across the state for the at least the next decade.

You can read the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Plan bill summary by clicking here.