The Wichita school district will begin mailing educational packets for kindergarten through 8th Grade students starting the week of April 6th.  Parents will have to sign up on the district’s web site if they want to receive mailings beyond April 13th.

Superintendent Alicia Thompson said high school students will be guided by their teachers on whether they need to pick up packets for the remainder of the school year.   Dr. Thompson said packets are just the first step and not the only step for continuous learning in the final seven weeks of the school year.   She said teachers will be engaging students through a variety of methods, including phone calls and online coaching.

Dr. Thompson said free meals will still be provided to children ages 1 through 18, but they will be on a two-day a week schedule starting Monday, April 6th.  Youngsters will get two breakfasts and two lunch meals on Monday, and then on Wednesdays they will get three breakfasts and three lunch meals.    She said this will continue as long as food and staff are available.

Wichita State University has announced that summer classes will be offered in an online or remote format, and there will be no in-person classes.

Courses that were originally scheduled to be on line will remain as previously planned, and the usual online fee will be assessed.  There will not be an online fee for courses that were originally scheduled to be partially or entirely in person.

Summer registration begins April 6th.