Today’s Star Spangled Salute honors Amanda Frelka-Bruch and her husband Jason.  After many trips back and forth from home to work, Amanda noticed a homeless man.  She started bringing him lunch and talked to him.  She learned. he was a Veteran who had served 2 tours in Afghanistan. Amanda had a very hard time wrapping her head around the fact this man had served his country and now he’s living on the street. She went to her sister, a nurse at the VA Medical center and asked how she could help.  Her sister said, give them essentials.

That was 5 years ago. Amanda, her husband Jason, their friends and family have been helping  homeless Veterans in their town ever since.  Last year, they donated about almost 100 kits, at a cost of over $3500 with money raised from church, service clubs and her employer.  Thank you Amanda for asking “How does this happen” and being a help.


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