Wichita school board members voted unanimously Monday evening to drop the “Redskin” name and mascot for North High School.

A committee presented a report to the board at its regular meeting, stating that the name is offensive to Native Americans and Native American culture, and it is racially and culturally insensitive.   The committee recommended a two-year phased plan starting in the 2021-2022 school year and put into action through the 2022-2023 year to remove the name “Redskin” from athletic and fine arts uniforms, jerseys, facilities and school-related activities and apparel.   The committee said all trophy cases and statues will remain as they are, and the intent is not to rewrite history or erase the “great pride and accomplishments of the Wichita North High Community and Alumni.”

The committee also recommended the development of a 9th grade curriculum that would highlight the history of North High School and its Native American influence.

The committee did not recommend creating a new school mascot.  A new nickname will not be selected and the school will be known as Wichita North High.  The school will continue to use the current logo with a shield, drum and feather.