A California-based cybersecurity company has announced it will set up an operations center in Wichita, bringing 60 new jobs to the community.

Novacoast will create a Security Operations Center in the Epic Center building in downtown Wichita.  The company, based in Santa Barbara, offers services to highly-regulated global companies, including banks, health care and energy companies.    Novacoast represents 12 of the 20 largest financial institutions.

State and local officials made the announcement online Thursday, and Novacoast CEO Paul Anderson said the coronavirus pandemic led the company to look to other locations to establish service centers.   Anderson said the company will be hiring salespeople, developers, and security engineers, and there will be a 24/7 Security Operations Center.

Anderson said the company is immediately hiring for positions, and the number of employees could grow to 100 or more over the next couple of years.   He said he has visited Wichita three times and he was impressed by the revitalization of the downtown area, and he said the cost of doing business in Wichita is very competitive compared to other states, and the city offers a number of cybersecurity and IT resources.     He said Wichita State University and Butler Community College are eager to work with the company to develop training programs.

Jobs will be posted on the site KANSASWORKS.com