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Bobby Knight

From New York to Las Vegas, Savannah, Georgia to Iowa and now planting my flag in Wichita, KS, I’m Bobby Knight and I love to make you smile.  A dad to a daughter who is now off on her own.  My favorite holiday is Halloween (also known as my birthday) and my second fav holiday is the 1/2 Off Candy sale the day after Halloween.

I love the ocean but won’t go in for fear of creatures in the water.  I also won’t go in lakes, ponds, streams, creeks or deep puddles for fear of my feet touching something icky.  Tubs and swimming pools are the only bodies of water I go in. I love superhero movies but have never been into comic books. Captain America, Batman, Thor, and Iron Man are my favs.

I’m a ‘dog dad’.  I probably post a bit to much about my dog “Batman.”  Can’t help it… he’s too cute.

I truly love Wichita and the surrounding area. Getting to be on a great community-involved station like KFDI is a dream come true. Make sure you say hi when you see me out and about. I’d love to meet you.

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