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KFDI Listener Appreciation Show

Q:  Who is playing this year?  
A:  The 2017 Listener Appreciation Show stars Hunter Hayes, Cam and Runaway June. 
Q: When is the show?
A: Wednesday April 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm. 
Q: What time do the doors open? 
A:  Handicap accessible admission begins around 5:15 pm, followed by those with Early Bird tickets, the GA doors will open after the Early Birds are in. Normally it is just after 5:30 pm. 
Q: Why is the show during the week?  I liked it on the weekend.
A:  A move made necessary to help keep the show FREE.  You've asked us to stay away from Easter Weekend - and with the ACM Awards the first week in April - the weekend options were too narrow.  Plus, there is a lot of competition for weekend dates.  This allows us to catch that acts on their way somewhere!  The weekday thing gives us way more flexibility to put on a show. 
Q-How much do KFDI Listener Appreciation Show tickets cost?
A- For the first time this year, an extremely limited number of Express Tickets will be available for $20.00. This guarantees you a seat and helps avoid standing in line. There are no fees if you buy at the Charles Koch Arena Box Office.  There is $2.00 fee for buying online and pick up at will call.  If you decide to print your ticket at home there is another $2.00 fee. These fees are from the 3rd party service providers.  The most your ticket will cost is $24.00.  
Q: What about Handicap Accessible tickets?
A; They are available beginning March 1st and only at the KFDI studios, 4200 N. Old Lawrence Road in Wichita.  More on the Handicap Accessible tickets HERE!
Q: What Happened to the First Chance EARLY BIRD Ticket Event?  That was my favorite thing.
A: That is the single biggest change this year.  Listeners camping out for tickets created a health and  public safety concern for us, our partner businesses and law enforcement.  We're going to miss it too. 
Q-What are Early Bird tickets?
A-Early Bird tickets get you into Charles Koch Arena immediately after the handicapped accessible ticket holders.  There are just 500 Early Bird tickets and they will be distributed exclusively at our "Early Bird" ticket stops.  There will be six different opportunities to win Early Bird Tickets.  List of Early Bird Ticket Stops here.
Q-How many Early Bird tickets can I get?
A-Each adult (16 and over) may win one pair (2) two Early Bird tickets per event.  FAQ's
Q-If I don't get Early Bird tickets, when and where will the rest of the tickets be distributed?
A-Tickets are available at 40 locations throughout the Wichita area.  You just swing buy and ask for them.  There is a limit to how many you can pick up at one time.  
Q-  My ticket says "does not guarantee admission"...  What gives?  
A- Much like a free movie screening, we give out more tickets than there are seats to ensure a full house. We've been doing this for over 40 years and have never had to turn anyone away.  But there is a always that chance.
Q: What IS with the long lines outside the arena?
A:  Because it is a free show - and admission is not guaranteed - people line up early.  Sometimes hours early.  People at the front of the line have their pick of seats because it is general admission.  It is a choice they make.  
Q: The  the lines are long AND slow.
A: We made some changes this year to try and help speed the process.  First, all tickets now have a bar code on them so after you go through Security screening - the usher can simply scan your ticket.   You can help by not brining prohibited items into the arena.  No weapons at WSU - and that includes concealed carry and any blades.  Forget about alcohol and brining in your own drinks.  The lighter YOU pack, the faster the lines will move.    
Q: I saw some tickets for sale on Craigslist and other sites.
A: Yeah, that is crazy.  The GA and Early Bird tickets are free.  $0.00.  It's a free show and their are plenty of tickets.  Don't do it.  
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