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KHRC to Soon Release Results of First Housing Study in 27 Years

KHRC to Soon Release Results of First Housing Study in 27 Years

KHRC to Soon Release Results of First Housing Study in 27 Years

Kansas is set to release the results of the first housing study conducted in nearly 30 years.

Ryan Vincent, Executive Director of the Kansas Housing Corporation said in a press release “For too long, Kansas has operated without a strategic focus to guide our housing investment, hindering our state’s economic development. With this information, we can develop a data-driven approach to support growth and benchmarks to track our progress.

The year-long, comprehensive statewide housing-needs assessment was the first of its kind in 27 years, and is nearing completion. The study identifies current housing needs and growth opportunities, including goals to guide the Kansas’s future housing development efforts.

Omaha-based consultancy RDG Planning & Design conducted the study over the past year. Analysis included 71 virtual and in-person listening sessions with more than 425 community participants across the state, as well as meeting with housing stakeholder groups. Consultants also launched a statewide survey of more than 4,400 respondents and analyzed census data to develop a clearer picture of the state’s housing needs and current resources.

The findings revealed several goals to address future housing needs:

  • Prioritize middle income housing
  • Diversify housing stock
  • Extend housing security
  • Reinvest in older housing stock, including vacant units
  • Address the building trades labor shortage
  • Extend existing human capital resources

The full report and recommendations will be published following the statewide tour. You can learn more about the Needs Assessment Tour by clicking here.

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