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WATCH: Chris Janson “All I Need Is You” Video With Wife Kelly

WATCH: Chris Janson “All I Need Is You” Video With Wife Kelly

WATCH: Chris Janson “All I Need Is You” Video With Wife Kelly


Since the song was written about his wife, it is no surprise that his wife Kelly Lynn is in it! It is a charming video that features everyday moments and a little husband/wife PDA. Kelly – we see you with your hand on his butt.

Chris says that the video was easy and fun to make. “My drummer was the videographer, and we just filmed my every day life, basically.” He went on to say, “It’s one of my personal favorites.” 

“All I Need Is You” is the lead single from Chris’ upcoming album, The Outlaw Side Of Me, dropping June 16.

You can tell this song is really special to Chris. “There are so many things we all want. We’ve all gotten caught up in the biggest buck of the season, the newest Chevrolet, or whatever’s caught our eye— and that’s half the fun of living. But when you strip it back, when you look at what really matters, it comes down to that one ride-or-die person who believes in you and your dream, no matter what happens. I’m blessed because my person is my wife, my manager, and my best friend.”

He goes on to say:  “Fun songs feel good, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t great musicianship underneath. Working with Scott and Julian, they understand how seriously I take the music and the writing, and they believe in bringing the best of the best into the studio. Recording this was a blast— and there’s so much more music coming this year!”

This is actually the second version of the song. The first was “From The Farm” and you can that – here.

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